Where will camp be located?

For the safety of our campers and the volunteers we will not be publicly releasing the location of camp. We can share that it will be in North East Kansas. While we won’t share this information we are happy to discuss the details privately. Just send us an email to info@okamp.xyz

How will my camper get to camp?

We can provide transportation! This may be from a local counselor who will be driving out themselves that your camper can carpool with. This could also be in a passenger van that we’re providing to get campers from the larger population areas. Parents are also welcome to drive their campers here themselves if they’d like but we’re happy to help figure out transportation options.

How much does camp cost?



Yes! Thanks to our generous donors and funding that we’ve received from grants and our own fundraising efforts we’re able to provide an entire weekend of camp for free. However, we are requiring a $10 application fee to reserve a space at camp. We think that this is going to be such an important experience for our Kansas LGBTQ+ youth that we did a lot of work to make sure that no one would be barred from attending because of the cost.

Please note that if you’re not able to pay the $10 registration fee we do have scholarships available. Please just note that on application and we’ll contact you.

My camper has special dietary/medical needs. Will that be accommodated?

To the very best of our ability, yes. Parents will receive a packet of forms to fill out and one of them will be able your camper’s needs with regards to dietary and medication requirements.

What kind of activities will be available for campers over the weekend?

At the site there is a pool, a playground, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a baseball field, and lots of naturey hiking areas by the lake. We’ll also be offering different activities through the weekend. Some of the proposed sessions include self defense, dance, yoga, music, arts and crafts projects.

A lot of the sessions will be based on things that the campers ask for and our ability to find volunteers to teach them! If you or your camper has any suggestions feel free to let us know on the application or by sending us an email at info@okamp.xyz

Where will the campers be sleeping?

Campers will be sleeping in indoor dorm rooms with bunk beds. Campers will be grouped by age in rooms that sleep between 4 and 9 people. There will always be a counselor around to prevent any shenanigans.

I have other questions./I’d really like to talk to some one about my questions.

Great! We’re happy to help you with what ever questions you might have. You can send an email to info@okamp.xyz to set up a phone call.