Volunteer Application

Our volunteers are the backbone of the OKamp experience. If you are interested in helping out please fill out the following application. If you are interested in volunteering in another way and not necessarily for the camp weekend please send us a note on the front page of the site and reach out to us with what you can do to help!

In camp positions we are looking for help for:

Counselor – Along with your co-counselor you would be responsible for a group of 10 youth during the weekend, especially during play times/free times and during the evening.

Ranger – Overnight position, ensuring that campers remain quiet and in bed during lights out hours.

Entertainer – Along with other entertainers you would be responsible for planning and performing for 2 hours on Friday and Saturday night. You’d also have the ability to recruit some of the interested youth in entertainment activities during play times/free times.

Therapist – Experience with LGBTQ+ youth necessary to help ensure the emotional well-being of our campers in cases of anxiety, depression or other troubling emotions during the weekend.

Nurse – Responsible for bandaging scraped knees and administering medication if necessary.

Kitchen Staff – The lodge that we’ll be at has a professional kitchen and so we’ll need some folks who are comfortable in the back of the house to help us prep three meals and snacks for bunches of hungry folks!

Life Guard – We have a lake and a pool! You would be responsible for being there when we have those open for the kids to play in (10:30 AM – 11:30 AM on Saturday only) to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Other – There’s a lot of play time added in to the weekend. If you’re able to host a class for something unique and cool and especially fun (dance class, yoga, nature hiking) feel free to apply and let us know what you’d like to offer and how many kids you can accommodate. (note: recreation times are from 45 minutes to an hour so your activity would need to be confined within that time frame.)

This is for background check purposes, we will never use your legal name if it isn’t your real name
If the name that you use varies from your legal name please fill that in here.
Please use mm/dd/yyyy format